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We have found ElegantJ Charts to be extremely flexible and robust. Our developers have found ElegantJ Charts content creation tools intuitive and very powerful, even for the most challenging implementations. And the technical support is outstanding. We look forward to future developments and working together!
Andrew Culshaw

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Charting JavaBean Collection

Chart Library


A picture is worth thousand words… and a well-designed chart is worth thousand lines of explanation of data. ElegantJ Charts provides you with a powerful tool to represent your data in a vast range of charts to choose from in a 100% Java environment. ElegantJ Charts has a host of superb features to provide best possible visual representation of data in your applications. ElegantJ Charts is a vast collection of charts with 3-D presentation, seamless data handling from different data sources, XML interoperability, and meaningful features like n-level Drill-Down, and can work with almost all Java architectures.

In many scenarios, developers require Java charting applications to include a variety of different chart types like 2D Java charts, 3D Java charts when displaying data. Depending on the purpose of application and type of data, developers have to select the most suitable chart type. ElegantJ Charts provides more than 50 types and subtypes of charting components (bar charts, line charts, area charts, pie charts to name a few) to provide right visual representation of your data through intuitive charts.

Various kind of charts and graphs possibility through elegantjcharts

When a developer passes a data to the Java chart using either the API or a supported data provider, the values plotted will represent the values passed.

Programmers have following options to use ElegantJ Charts:

  • Integrate ElegantJ Charts components programmatically in their code through comprehensive API.
  • Import chart components in their favourite Java IDE and configure or program visually or through source editor in IDE.
  • Use ElegantJ Charts Designer for visual configuration with help of hundreds of ready-to-use XML templates.

Chart Designer


ElegantJ Charts Designer is a fully functional XML template designer for ElegantJ Charts. Bundled with ElegantJ Charts Designer is a huge collection of ready-to-use XML templates, which can be used as is, or modified to suit your presentation requirements. ElegantJ Chart Designer eliminates the need to write hundreds of lines of your own source code or use third party IDEs. Its point-and-click graphical user interface allows charts to be created quickly with an almost infinite degree of flexibility. With this easy-to-use intuitive tool, even a graphic designer can create visually rich, stimulating Java chart templates in less than 5 minutes! Almost all the elements of charts designer are customisable enabling you to display your data in best possible way. These XML templates then can be easily imported into your application, with a single line of source code.

Chart Designer ide from ElegantJ Charts

Simply stated, you choose a Java chart component, browse through ready-to-use XML templates, select the template closest to your presentation requirements, fine tune properties in a truly WYSIWYG environment, and generate your customized XML template, ready to be used in your application.

This 100% Java tool is platform independent and provides state-of-the-art interoperability and integration options through XML templates.



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