ElegantJ Beans - The Complete JAVABeans Component Collection

The Complete JavaBeans™ Component Collection


Worlds best and the largest collection of JavaBeans™

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I find your products very useful and easy to work with. I also am impressed by the level of service you have shown in the past. Many thanks.
Derek Lee
Cambridge Connect

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Download zip file contains everything that is required to successfully evaluate the product. It also contains information on how to buy a license of ElegantJ Beans Collection.

It contains:

  • Ready-to-use demo applications of ElegantJ Beans Collection with source code of demo applications
  • Installation process to install ElegantJ Beans Collection
  • Purchase and Registration information

We provide free pre-purchase support to ensure successful evaluation of ElegantJ Beans. Please feel free to communicate with us with your query during product evaluation.

You can browse through ElegantJ Beans Collection documents under Resources section.

Select the product to download evaluation version:


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"OEM Licence is

An OEM License entitles Customer (the Licensee) to sublicense ElegantJ Beans components or Derivatives thereof, along with software sold by Customer, subject to the conditions set forth in this OEM license agreement. These licenses are always individually negotiated based on your particular needs and usage of ElegantJ Beans components.

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