ElegantJBeans - The Complete JAVABeans Component Collection

The Complete JavaBeans™ Component Collection


Worlds best and the largest collection of JavaBeans™

JavaBeans Collection:
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"I find your products very useful and easy to work with. I also am impressed by the level of service you have shown in the past. Many thanks."

Derek Lee
Cambridge Connect
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Cost Effective OEM License


An OEM License entitles Customer (the Licensee) to sublicense ElegantJ JavaBean Collection components or ElegantJ JavaBean Collection or Derivatives thereof, along with software sold by Customer, subject to the conditions set forth in this OEM license agreement.

  • You may reproduce and distribute the ElegantJ JavaBean Collection only as an integral part of your software product.
  • You do not expose, document or make public the ElegantJ JavaBean Collection API (Application Programming Interface)
  • You do not reverse engineer, copy, duplicate or distribute the license key mechanism that is needed to use ElegantJ JavaBean Collection in a design, development or runtime environment.
  • Your software product may not in the reasonable opinion of EMTPL, compete with ElegantJ JavaBean Collection.
  • You do not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the ElegantJ JavaBean Collection or any portions of it.
  • You do not use the product name, logo or trademark of ElegantJ JavaBean Collection in any manner
  • You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend EMTPL from and against any and all claims or lawsuits including attorney's fees that may arise from but not limited to the use, non use, working, non working, malfunctioning or distribution of your software product or ElegantJ JavaBean Collection.

These licenses are always individually negotiated based on your particular needs and usage of ElegantJ JavaBean Collection. To get a quote for your requirement and open an online/telephone based negotiation; contact sales@elegantjbeans.com



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