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Features - Printer JavaBean Collection


ElegantJ Printer JavaBean is implementation of Java printing and provides full printing functionality, including printing of any component, controlling spool size, background printing, configurable header and footer, preview and page setup.


Operational functionalities

  • Highly Portable. ElegantJ Printer JavaBean can be attached to any component irrespective of that component's support to printing in Java.
  • Provides special implementation for Java components - TextArea, JTextArea, JTextPane, JTable.  More »
  • Support for Scaling as well as Wrapping. ElegantJ Printer JavaBean makes it possible for you to decide to print / preview a big component on single page (by scaling it down) or by printing it on multiple pages (by wrapping).
  • You can have fast text printing on impact printers.
  • ElegantJ Printer JavaBean provides methods for background printing and to print on specific printer port, which accepts data from PRN file, bytes array and other input streams.
  • Provides facility to speed up printing by controlling spool size to avoid spooling delays and network congestions during bulk printing.
Printer Component that supports scalling and wrapping

Page and Print Setup features

  • Customisable margins (top, bottom, left and right) in this JavaBean.
  • Support to set Page headers and footers with variable information.  More »
  • Landscape and Portrait page orientation is available in this JavaBean.
  • You can set number of copies to print.
  • Print a specific page or a range of pages at a time.
  • Facility of Page Setup and Preview Dialog.  More »
  • This JavaBean supports all major standard paper types, including custom size.
Printer Java Bean that supports background printing


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