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Features - Network JavaBean Collection

ElegantJ FTPClient JavaBean


ElegantJ FTPClient JavaBean has functionality of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Using this JavaBean, one can implement FTP Client functionality very easily.

  • User can connect to any FTP server.
  • Host name and port can be customized while connecting to FTP server.
  • ElegantJ FTPClient JavaBean allows customisable user name and password, while connecting to FTP server.
  • Work with directory on server - get current directory name, change working directory, create or remove directory on FTP server.
  • Using ElegantJ FTPClient JavaBean, user can get file list of current working directory from FTP server.
  • Using ElegantJ FTPClient JavaBean, User can upload a file, download a file, rename a file or remove a file from FTP server.
  • Provides method to disconnect from FTP server.
FTP client support from ElegantJ Network Beans

ElegantJ HTTPClient JavaBean


ElegantJ HTTPClient JavaBean contains functionality of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) v1.0. One can implement HTTP Client functionality very easily using this JavaBean.

  • ElegantJ HTTPClient JavaBean supports GET, HEAD and POST methods of HTTP.
  • You can create and send HTTP requests to HTTP server on the fly.
  • ElegantJ HTTPClient JavaBean provides method to generate HTTP request by setting fields and values of General Header, Entity Header and Request Headers.
  • User can post data to a HTTP web server from a string buffer as well as from a file. This JavaBean uses BASE64 encoding while sending data from file.
HTTP client support from ElegantJ Network Beans

ElegantJ POP3Client JavaBean


ElegantJ POP3Client JavaBean has functionality of POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3). This is used to download messages from a POP3 server. Features of POP3Client JavaBean are:

  • User can set host name and port, while connecting to POP3 server.
  • User can set user name and password to connect to the POP3 server while connecting.
  • ElegantJ POP3 Client JavaBean can connect to any POP3 server.
  • User can fetch information about number of mails and mail box size from the server.
  • This JavaBean has feature to retrieve header information and mail from server.
  • Facility to delete mail from server itself.
  • You can explore e-mail fields like TO, CC, From, Subject, Content Type, Date and Body Format.
  • You can explore body and attachments of mail. About attachments, you can get attachment count, size and file names.
  • Flexibility to save all the attachments at a time as well as separately.
  • ElegantJ POP3Client JavaBean includes method to disconnect from POP3 server.
POP3 client support from ElegantJ Network Beans

ElegantJ SMTPClient JavaBean

  • ElegantJ SMTPClient JavaBean has facility to provide Hostname and port name while connecting to SMTP server.
  • A user name and password that user can set and use, to connect to SMTP server.
  • This JavaBean can connect to any SMTP Server.
  • ElegantJ SMTPClient JavaBean provides MIMECompliantMessage to compose a mail, that may or may not have attachments, after composing mail, user can send mail using SMTPClient.
  • Provides option to save sent messages.
  • Includes a method to get last status from the client.
  • This JavaBean includes a method to disconnect from SMTP server.
SMTP client support from ElegantJ Network Beans

Other JavaBean shipped with ElegantJ Network Beans


ElegantJ Message JavaBean

This JavaBean provides MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) compliant message format. Features are:

  • ElegantJ Message JavaBean allows single part textual message as well as multipart messages by attaching any type of file with a mail message.
  • One can set fields of mail message header, like From address, To address, CC address, BCC address, Subject, MIME version, Organization, XMailer and Message Body.
  • With ElegantJ Message JavaBean you can attach multiple files with the message by a simple method call.
  • It encodes binary data using BASE64 encoding.

ElegantJ URL JavaBean

This JavaBean includes functionality of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Features are:

  • ElegantJ URL JavaBean provides methods to get content-encoding, content-expiration, content-length, content-type, content-file of URL contents.
  • This JavaBean provides methods to get contents of the resource specified by URL and save it as a local file.

ElegantJ Socket JavaBean

This JavaBean includes client socket. A socket is an endpoint for communication between two computers.


ElegantJ ServerSocket JavaBean

This JavaBean includes server sockets. A server socket waits for requests to come in over the network. It performs specific operations based on request, and then possibly returns a result to the requester.


ElegantJ DatagramSocket JavaBean

ElegantJ DatagramSocket JavaBean includes functionality of a socket for sending and receiving datagram packets. A datagram socket is the sending or receiving point for a packet delivery service.


ElegantJ DatagramPacket JavaBean

This JavaBean includes functionality of datagram packet. Datagram packets are used to implement a connectionless packet delivery service. Each message is routed from one computer to another solely based on information contained within that packet. Multiple packets sent from one machine to another might be routed differently, and might arrive in any order.



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