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Please email us your queries to support@elegantjbeans.com to ensure successful evaluation of ElegantJ JavaBeans Collection.

You can contact us for any of your queries. For example,

  • You are searching for a specific feature in ElegantJ JavaBeans Collection.
  • You want us help you find out if your specific need can be satisfied by our product(s).
  • Integrating ElegantJ JavaBeans Collection with your source code or other coding related queries.

While communicating technical queries with us, following information will help us serve you better:

  • Your name, address, email address, telephone number, company name, and country.
  • Operating System.
  • Version of JDK that you are using.
  • Environment where your Java™ product will be used.
  • A full description of query or problem including the steps required reproducing it. Relevant error message (if applicable) that appears.

Any other information that you feel will help us process your support request faster.

Feel free to contact us through e-mail at: support@elegantjbeans.com

Our products ElegantJ Charts Library, ElegantJ Charts Designer IDE and ElegantJ Indicators & Gauges are not covered under free support. Please visit www.ElegantJCharts.com to learn about our support package.



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"I find your products very useful and easy to work with. I also am impressed by the level of service you have shown in the past. Many thanks."

Derek Lee
Cambridge Connect
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