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ElegantJ Table JavaBean gave us a good user experience. We are globally satisfied with its performance since by the use of ElegantJ components we are fairly able to reduce development time and cost.
Eric Torreborre
LTG Product Manager

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Table JavaBean Collection


Ready to use Table component that has all you wished to have

Be it a 4 row by 10 column table or a table to represent a database in tabular form, or a spreadsheet solution, you can rely on ElegantJ Tables Bean. From AWT Table and JFC Table, select the one that suits your need. Both can handle large volume of data. A cell can be edited as a Textbox, Text Area, Checkbox, Combo box, a Button, an icon, Boolean, etc. Manage data with maximum flexibility using Bean's formatting, editing, navigating and information handling features. Ready to use Search Panel, feature of sorting, functions of insert, add or delete a row as well as column.

ElegantJ Table Bean offers total control over information management through table. In case you are looking for a table bean that can get you data access too, then check out ElegantJ Data Aware Table bean.

Easy To Use Java Table Component From ElegantJ Beans
  • For small table as well as large tables
  • AWT and JFC components
  • Insert, Delete or Change a row
  • Control editability at row / column or table level
  • Higlhy flexible and configurable
  • Page setup and printing features
  • Ready to use search panel, sort and right-click menu

Java™ Library
ElegantJBeans is a collection of JavaBeans™ Components developed for Java professionals. Development platform is not a constraint for ElegantJBeans. You can use ElegantJBeans component with J2SE, J2EE, Java applications and Java applets. ElegantJBeans can be imported in all major IDEs - to use it visually as well as through coding.

We support YOU, so you support YOUR users.
Use our pre-prepared code in your application to speed up your development process. We provide FREE pre-purchase technical support to ensure successful evaluation. We provide total assistance from installing them, importing in all major IDEs and mapping a feature with your requirements. What you have to do is just mail us. We will help you find out if our Beans have a feature that you need. We also provide comprehensive technical documentation so that you can have answers for all your queries on your fingertip.



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"OEM Licence is

An OEM License entitles Customer (the Licensee) to sublicense ElegantJ Beans components or Derivatives thereof, along with software sold by Customer, subject to the conditions set forth in this OEM license agreement. These licenses are always individually negotiated based on your particular needs and usage of ElegantJ Beans components.

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